Navy Mug Vintage

-Hand-picked vintage pieces of clothing, sneakers, & accessories.

-Select pieces are also being listed on Depop. Send an offer to me for a chance at lower prices.

-International shoppers, please reach out with any purchase/shipping inquiries

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True Vintage Collection

Pieces from the 90's and prior. A variety of fashion trends through the decades

Almost Vintage Collection

Items post-2000's that resemble that true vintage look and feel.

Made in U.S.A. Collection

American-made pieces.

Sold Out Items

Some ask why I keep the Sold items on the website. I think this helps people get a feel for what the inventory can look like at any given time, and what others are interested in!

  • Buyouts

    -Are you looking to shrink your closet and get rid of some clothes/shoes? Let me take them off your hands.

    -Contact me by email ( or through direct messaging any of the social platforms. We can chat and see what pieces I can purchase from you.

    -Get paid for your clean closet!