Why Vintage?

Here is where we answer the question of why someone would be inclined to shop vintage. This answer is broken down into six parts. 

While those who have been into vintage for years may tire of hearing the same answers over and over on why people should shop vintage, this is for those who are new and need that push into the scene. These are the reasons NMV continues to search for clothing items that can elevate a wardrobe and be maintained for years after the purchase has been made.  


Searching for clothes that match your style and have been in circulation for years and years helps lower the emissions from producing new clothing. Fast fashion brands are a major contributor with the massive numbers of clothing pieces produced in a short amount of time to adhere to trends.
This is not to say that all newly made clothing comes from a negative setting, however. There are some brands that are very environmentally conscious, and easily accessible. Vintage clothing is simply one of the many facets to shopping green and being proactive for the environment.


This is one of the reasons I, personally, became so interested in vintage. Finding photos of celebrities from their younger days. Seeing photos of sports icons off the field/court. Possibly, even, seeing photos of your parents/grandparents from when they were younger. Pulling inspiration from the fashion trends of the past can strike a chord somewhere within you, and it just feels right. These pieces of clothing and pairs of sneakers create the heartfelt connection to the past, and NMV is so proud to offer these curated pieces to possibly strike that chord of nostalgia. Whether these are pieces that came out when you were younger, your parents may have had when they were younger, or even grandparents, these pieces offer a chance to grasp the past.

The clothes and sneakers we wear help outwardly present our personalities, and those who enjoy fashion have so many avenues to choose from to express one’s self.


“They just don’t make em like they used to.” This is true of most things in the world, honestly. Although technology has surpassed all belief of what could be, the ability of products (especially clothing items) to withstand the test of time has been left in the backseat. Some of these items we have in stock date back to the 1950s, or even earlier.
First of all, the strength of the clothing to last that long in general. Secondly, these pieces have been used and washed and shrunk. No need to worry about it shifting sizes on you! Many of clothing pieces being circulated nowadays are cheaply made to force you to buy another new piece when that first item becomes worn out. Purchasing vintage means you are giving a quality piece of clothing a second, third, or fortieth chance. They just don’t make clothes like they used to.


While I tend to gravitate toward certain pieces of clothing from certain eras for my personal closet, I try to find a wide variety for the shop inventory because I am aware of the astoundingly wide range of fashion styles that have taken place in the past. Some people are really into 80s athletics puffer jackets, others are really into obscure graphic tees from the 70s. Everyone has their own algorithms to what they search for in fashion, and I love that. Be you! BE THE VARIETY!

Part 5: RARITY

Want to stand out among the crowd with a single clothing item? Possibly, or would you rather find a piece that just serves as an inner reminder of the rarity? That could be it as well.
Humans crave rarity, and there are so many vintage pieces that will never be fabricated again. That sweatshirt that your grandma wears all day to stay cozy while she bakes is no longer being produced. It has intrinsic value of being, most likely, the last of its kind. Vintage clothing has this aura of rarity and that is part of the thrill of finding a diamond in the ruff while thrifting! We do the thrifting for you, and find these diamonds to collect and distribute to those who crave such fashion.
You, yourself, are rare! One-of-a-kind. Express your inner rarity with rare fashion.


The amount of people I have had comment/compliment a vintage piece I am wearing probably could be counted, but it never fails to put a smile on my face. The pieces of clothing that vintage fashion features has the ability to start conversations with ease, or in some cases, spark relationships that will last longer than small-talk.
That band t shirt from a tour 1980 may be a power piece in your wardrobe that matches a lot of other items. Very awesome! Additionally, wearing the shirt out in public for people to see may spark a memory of the crowd that was in their teens during the 1980s and spent hours upon hours binging that band’s sweet music in their basement with their best friends. This may be the doorway to a conversation about the band, similar interests in clothing, and many more.
The community of those who appreciate vintage is so wholesome. This extends past clothing as well! Vintage decor, fashion, hobbies, and overall lifestyle is full of people who love the old school and strive to spread kindness through a lens of a simpler time. Choose vintage for the community and conversations that may spark relationships that could last a lifetime

If you lasted this long, thank you for reading! :) I appreciate the time spent on learning more about vintage clothing and sneakers.  I am always learning new things about these old things (what an oxymoron lol), and I find joy in sharing this journey with everyone who chooses to check out this small business.  Have a good day!

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