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Navy Mug Vintage

Cabela's Fleece-lined Full-Zip Windbreaker

Cabela's Fleece-lined Full-Zip Windbreaker

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Size Large



-23" shoulder-shoulder

-24" neck-waist

-25.5" shoulder-wrist


This jacket reminds me of a Christmas gift that so many dads and grandpas have gotten. When nobody knows what to get the man of the house, get 'em a new jacket to wear.  Nothin' too fancy, but also nice enough to wear they will want to wear it over their alma mater's hoodie they got when they were 22 years old. This jacket is the one that hangs on the hook by the door, and children throw it on to shovel the snow. This is the jacket that a daughter wants to wear to school, but Dad already left for the morning with it on. What started as a shot-in-the-dark Christmas gift for the man who never says what he wants, turned into a jacket that everyone wants to wear because it reminds them of Dad. 


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