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Navy Mug Vintage

Jantzen Triangle Pattern Knit Sweater

Jantzen Triangle Pattern Knit Sweater

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Size XL Tall


Made in USA


-27" shoulder-shoulder

-24" shoulder-wrist

-29" neck-waist

-22" hip-hip


When the box was opened, containing this sweater, my mind immediately went to Neil from the 90s Santa Claus movies. Neil is the stepfather of Charlie, and Scott Calvin is constantly poking fun and Neil's sweater collection. Nowadays, Neil would be a fashion icon with all the Coogi sweaters he was rocking. Coogi sweaters, staple denim, a pair of Clarks Wallabees, and you've got a stellar vintage outfit. Is that Neil or Biggie? We may never know. Just try not to be "Hypnotize(d)" by all the people complimenting your sweater. 

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