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Nike Air Presto Escape

Nike Air Presto Escape

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2001 Release

Size XL (11.5)


*Wearable at own discretion*

-This shoe is 20 years old so the wearability may be questionable due to the age and firmness of the midsole/outsole-


The Nike Presto was created in 2000 in a test of different sizing tool for sneakers. Rather than number sizes for sneakers, Nike used Small, Medium, Large, and so on to create unisex sizing. The many variations of the Nike Presto reveal the popularity of the sneaker and its overall impact on the running shoe. The Presto Escape was created with a slip-on fit, feeling as barefoot as possible. Although they are slip-on, the sneaker features a rubber closure system on the upper, allowing comfort while securing the foot in the sneaker. 

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